Welcome to my blog website where I talk about call tracking. As a business owner you want to be organized and good at planning out your week, if it’s appointments, meetings, contract deadlines, we get busy. Don’t get me wrong it’s a problem you want to have as a business owner. Because being busy is what makes us the money right? 

What I’ve really come to appreciate is call tracking. I’ve actually hired a great company a few months ago and I got to tell you this keeps my life simple. I can’t tell you how many times I forgot what name was attached to the number that called, or called a customer back for a follow up to end up and it’s no the customer you intended on calling. I decided to work with a Saskatoon web design company. They send me weekly reports of how many calls you’re getting per week, the times these calls occurred, you can even listen to the recordings of the calls between you and your customers to rewind back to that conversation you forgot about. Maybe it was an important deadline date, these things are important to me. I know as a business owner if you’re busy enough, you will be a bit unorganized, you simply can’t stay on top of the game every second of everyday. Although this company actually uses a call tracking provider, I decided to move forward with them because it’s not just the call tracking. They over deliver when it comes to online services, with website building, lead generation, you name it they can do it. What I really like is Brandon Awrey’s can do attitude. I know that if he doesn’t know something, he won’t admit it or if he does he’ll say something like you know what that’s a great question, let me figure that out for you! Or I’m not 100% sure but I’ll find someone that is. That gives me confidence as a business owner, I want to work with them for that reason. 


In this world of technology I can say it’s extremely hard to stay on top of my game, that why we use call tracking and other services like that. As a business owner, I don’t even want to learn it. It’s quit frankly something I’d rather outsource to a professional. Maybe that’s because I’m coming on to 50 years of age. I just think it’s easier to let the young generation take care of the online management, because since today is an online world it looks funky if your company isn’t online. I think about this all the time, but operating a business just based on cold calls seems crazy but that’s how it used to be. I wouldn’t even doubt it if businesses to this day still do cold calls, although they’re probably still listed online because if a company is calling you and you don’t know who they are, what’s the first thing you want to do? Probably get on some search engine web browser, like google, yahoo or whatever other browser you use and you’d type in the company to see if they’re legit, to see what their reviews are like. So this is all for my home page blog and venting lol. Although it’s good talking about ideas and the new ways of running businesses with call tracking and other services related to our updated world. I hope you learn’t something here and if you enjoyed this blog be sure to stay tuned as I will try my best to make post here and there for any updates or business owner tips and tricks that come to my mind.