Online Local Business Marketing Video


Marketing online comes in many different styles and angles. Not every web development and lead generation will use the same methods. Think about it, do you think every online marketing company sends out nice prospecting videos like this? No, some walk marketing companies just hit the phone books and hit up all the businesses. Although each company is different, for the most part if it’s in the same niche, companies will be using similar strategies. Personally, I’ll go with the company that’s over delivering in value. As a local business owner, do you really have time to be learning marketing when you’ve got contact to look over, deadlines to meet. Just thought I’d make this quick post to show you guys a nice method of contact, I mean look at how much effort these guys put into a short video, before even meeting the client. That’s what creates a wow factor for me. It really show’s he has a passion for what he does!

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